‘Compassion and Love’

Compassion and Love not only makes you happy and bright,
But it gives you wrings and turn you into beautiful butterfly.

Compassion heal your spirit for you to create love from deep inside,
It purifies your being bless you with better understanding of this world,
Above of all your precious gift your 'Peace of mind'.

It gives you a chance to fly,to express,
To feel deep down to your soul once in your life time.

It enables you to see more cleanly to connect and empathize,
And to spread the warm love you feel in your tiny little heart,
For all beings come cross your path during your journey you are on.

Love gives you strength to break free from all the suffering,
And aches on your shoulder from being of time.  

Share and spread compassion,love and peace you feel,
For all in your heart and mind it could be simple as your smile,
To the stranger you see on the other side and the birds in the garden,
And cute ginger 'Cat' I see meowing in front of my house:).

Thanks for reading my darling people©
Rubyroo peace
                      ©All copyright reserved©